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Business Engineering Solutions

Designing Environments for Optimal Performance and Profitability

Helping people has always been my passion. Often, my greatest joy is seeing others be successful and reach their full potential. Business Engineering Solutions, a Division of The Daniele Company, allows me to do just that. Our goal is to support small and diverse businesses across industries to reach and exceed their potential. 

As a behavior analyst, the goal is to understand why individuals and groups behave the way they do. Our approach is not to throw the same old management solutions at your concern but to methodically examine your people, culture, and systems to determine what’s not working and why, then translate that information into a customized, fit-for-purpose solution.

Consultants aren’t just for large corporations. We can be the supportive boost that takes a small to medium sized organization to the next level. While Business Engineering Solutions doesn’t engage in physical construction, we are still Building Visions and Transforming Lives.

Are you ready to begin your Transformation?

Aisha Sarfo, Ph.D
Senior Consultant

Who We Are 

Gloria Shealey
Leadership Strategist

 An architect of business and leadership strategy for small to medium firms. Gloria has leveraged 25 years of corporate and business success into organizational leadership that provides an effective approach to execution excellence.  Sustainable solutions, measurable results and productivity for bottom-line profitability drives her consulting strategy with each client.  

Aisha Sarfo

Senior Consultant

Aisha provides leadership in strategic business management, execution excellence, and performance productivity. In working closely with Gloria Shealey, President & CEO, she is supporting the company’s development and implementation of business solutions, from business models to business processes.

Why Us

  • The Daniele Company is ideally positioned to be a valued vendor partner to enhance program initiatives and participation objectives. Through our: 

    • Qualifications

    • Experience

    • Status as a DBE, MBE, small business & woman-owned firm  

  • Our unique pairing of skills and knowledge provides clients with:

    • A more competitive resource base

    • The know-how to close gaps, build capacity and arrange their environment for success

    • Tools for managing and organizing behavior expectations 


Our approach embodies these strategic principles:

  • Practicality: Identify what is feasible and adds value.

  • Functionality: Identify the necessary execution alignments within and between operating segments for optimal performance.

  • Accountability: Maintaining and model key actions, alignment, follow through and commitment in providing tangible and intangible resources for operational execution.

  • Measurement: Identify and track key performance indicators to quantify operational alignment, energize productivity and financial impacts.


The goal of our offerings is to provide DBE, MBE, women-owned, and small businesses with the opportunity to have sustainable success that allows them to grow beyond the need for supportive services and to sow their knowledge back into their communities utilizing a three-step approach.

  • Assessment

    • Provides a comprehensive view of business status, opportunity gaps, and strengths.

  • Development

    • Shaping a plan that lays out the sequence of events that have to occur to achieve prioritized and measurable goals.

  • Execution

    • Organizing vision alignment with actionable and measurable activities and processes.


Management Consulting

Organizational Assessment

A comprehensive overview of the systems and functions of an organization. The assessment provides a first look at the strengths and potential opportunity areas.

Business Development Strategy 

Having a strategy is key to a business's overall success. How you approach your initiatives? How you run your business differently to achieve success? We help leaders develop their strategy with a focus on execution.

Leadership Team Alignment

Ensuring that everyone is on the same page enables an efficient and cohesive execution process. In addition to leadership support, providing teams with the tools and support necessary to effectively communicate and demonstrate plans lays a foundation for success.

Quantitative Data-based Decision Making

Making strategic decisions happens more quickly and objectively when you have clear and current data. It is not only about collecting data, but also interpreting and talking about the data in a way that translates to a business's bottom line and everyday actions.

Pursuit, Win & Execute Strategies

While an important focus is knowing what opportunities to pursue and how to win, we target effective execution strategies as an essential key to sustainable success.

Executive Coaching

Change begins at the top and preparing leaders to demonstrate and support those changes sometimes requires extra assistance. Coaching provides leaders with an outside look and the critical actions for better enabling and engaging their teams.

Business Formulation

We support businesses from the ground up. Developing and evaluating business plans, guidance and legal establishment of your business and more. Setting a foundation for your small business to grow and thrive.


“Working with The Daniele Company, helped us look at our business from an outside perspective and to use available data to see areas that could benefit from administrative assistance.”

Managing Partner, Construction Company

“Working with them helped us understand the need for a business plan not only to grow our business but our employees too.”

CMO, International Staffing Firm

“Gloria and Aisha helped us to come together as a team to better strategize and improve our communication.”

President, Security Services Business

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Tel: 919-682-6700 | Fax: 919-682-6711


123 W Main Street, Suite 220 Durham, NC 27701

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